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Learning Center
Red Door Early Learning Center @ LSUCC
Karol DiPasquale

1375 Third Avenue,
Hellertown, PA

PA County: Northampton


Early learning students and their families; staff of 14.

GLBT Operated
Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly

* Red Door Early Learning Center @ LSUCC celebrates 46 years of providing the highest quality early childhood education in the region.
* We are located in Hellertown, PA, near Bethlehem, in the beautiful Saucon Valley.
* Red Door welcomes students of all learning abilities and styles.
* Our teaching team represents 100+ years of teaching experience.

Fun, imagination and creativity are at the center of everything we do!

The Red Door Program
- Both Pre-School and K-Kids are half-day programs.
- Red Door is not a daycare program.

Pre-School - Ages 3 - 5
4 day program only, Tuesday through Friday

Since 1964, Red Door has served the needs of our community. Started as a program for the children of LSUCC church families, Red Door has grown into a
full-fledged Early Learning Center hosting 105 students between our Pre-School and
K-Kids programs.

Our curriculum is a unique blend of both academic and social readiness.
When the Red Door Pre-School experience is completed, our students are fully prepared to enter kindergarten.
We use a multi-age classroom model. Therefore, 3, 4 and 5 year olds are in the same class. We have successfully used this model for decades.
Within our program, the daily curriculum is differentiated for learners of various styles and abilities.
Our curriculum is full of thematic units based upon the letter of the week.
We focus on a variety of skills including, but not limited to: Pre-writing, high frequency word recognition, colors, shapes, numbers and counting, art, science, character development, personal responsibility, following directions, being a good friend and kindergarten readiness.

Kindergarten Kids (K-Kids) Ages 5-6

Available as a 4 day program, Tuesday through Friday and a 3 day program, Tuesday through Thursday.

We bus to/from Saucon Valley Elementary School. (Extra fee applies)

The K-Kids program is built around discovery. We use science and art to promote learning in all of the content areas.

· Students will also have opportunities for enrichment of their current Kindergarten curriculum.

· In addition, we provide K-Kids with experiences in team work, problem solving, understanding and respecting our environment, public speaking and character development.

· We use a multi-age classroom model. Therefore, 5 and 6 year olds are in the same class. We have successfully used this model for years.

· Within our program, the daily curriculum is differentiated for learners of various styles and abilities.

· We work cooperatively with the elementary school Kindergarten teachers to meet the needs of our shared students.

· In addition to science and art, Red Door K-Kids work with high frequency words ("Star"words,) pre-emergent and emergent reading skill development, fine-motor strength for writing, a variety of math skills and group games for gross motor development.

· In the spring, our students perform in our annual "K-Kids Comedy Night" telling jokes at a microphone to an audience of several hundred people. This project encourages the early development of public speaking skills, experience working as a team for a common goal, showing appreciation to others for a job well done, and recognition of how hard work pays off.

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